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At first: english version is shorter version of the web, not all pages are translated. My idea is to make web update sometimes per year. Regular intervals can not be expected :)


Happy New Year New 2013 and all your dreams and wishes come true (not only from air branch)! PB


New trip report from the island Barra is now public (in czech language only), text with few photos.


Last 3 months were "flying" attractive - new airports, aicrafts and also airliners. Check out the updated real flyling page. Trip report from St. Martin (Caribbean) is in czech, but translation for photos is not necessary :)


Although I'm still "at home", the number of visited airports was increased - 35 now. "Rules for list" were changed - aiport with IATA or ICAO code. Due to I this I added these airports: Chigaco (forgotten), Tocna (air trips with ultralight plane) and Line (Christopher 7 - heliport/airbase).


Added: description of the construction Incremental 2 Pulse converter; edited: czech article with tachometer and script with video streams from ZOO; a little web modifications.


A bit of something different: new page ZOO - text in czech (don't worry), link with on-line stream of gorillas from ZOO Prague is international :)


I expanded the aircrafts list of 3 new types: Embraer ERJ-195, Airbus A340 and Airbus A380 in particular :) Everything from Lufthansa.


During my last trip: the number of airports was expanded (5 new) and meta 100,000 kilometers in the air has been exceeded :) Currently it is about 2.54x around the world.


Web update after few years. Semptember issue of czech magazine RC modely has my article "Tachometer RCXEL - alternative firmware" about change of firmware with new MCU program.